Price for over 500 Members

Groups contain members that take up space in the database and generate more emails costing us more. The cost of each credit increases as the number of members in all your groups gets larger. The $0.25 credit cost applies when you have a total group population under five hundred members. At five hundred and over, each credit costs an additional 25 cents for each five hundred members. The credit cost is calculated when you purchase credits based on the population of your existing groups.

The following table shows some example costs for an organization with different numbers of members.

Total Member Count Cost of each Signup Credit
up to 499 $.25
from 500 to 999 $.50
from 1000 to 1499 $.75
from 1500 to 1999 $1.00
from 2000 to 2499 $1.25
from 5000 to 5499 $2.75
from 25000 to 25499 $12.75
from 50000 to 50499 $25.25

The cost formula for a credit is ((TruncateDecimal(memberCount / 500) + 1) * .25) USD

If you find your total member count is costing too much, you should contact us about arranging an alternate solution for you.