Weekly Dinner — March 14 2021

Everyone needs to participate in making our weekly dinners. Each kid must make at least one dinner every week.

Make sure you include any ingredients you need to be purchased for your dinner along with any special circumstances like an extra person or fewer family members. Dad will do the shopping, so let him know if there is anything special about the ingredients.

Dinner is normally served around 5:30.

Organize family dinner every night

One WeekWho and What
Sunday Mar 14 Mary  — Dinner at 6 because of soccer
Dinner - Shrimp Fettuccine
Shopping - Pack of shrimp, fresh fettuccine for 5, shredded parmesan, small whipping cream
Monday Mar 15 Anne
Dinner - Pork chops with potatoes
Shopping - pork chops
Tuesday Mar 16 Frederick
Dinner - Spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday Mar 17 I will make dinner
Thursday Mar 18 I will make dinner
Friday Mar 19 Frederick  — Nicky is going to Allie's house for a sleepover
Dinner - Pizza
Shopping - I will pick it up.
Saturday Mar 20 I will make dinner