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Coordinating volunteers? Minimize stress and maximize efficiency using The Signup Place. Your volunteers can sign up on your online signup sheets and polls with ease on a web page.

Check markCost Create free basic signups, pay for what you use at 1¢ a take with no monthly fees
Check markTime Managing volunteers is simple, no need for those cold calls.
Check markEase Once the signup sheet is set up, members manage themselves.
Check markQuantity It's easy to manage more volunteers and more events.
Check markPowerful The Signup Place is a signup application system.
Check markFunctionality Design the perfect signup application for your event — and use it over and over.
Check markCoverage Combine organization membership, volunteer signups, and polls.
Check markOngoing Set it up for continuous scheduled signups.

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Agility Signup

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What is The Signup Place?
Example Features Signup

A sample signup showing several different features and possible configurations to sign up.

Sample Signup

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Example Poll Signup

A sample signup showing a signup with some polls.

Sample Signup

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Choose a sample category and sign up on some sample signups.

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How it Works
One Define the groups you will use on your signups.
Two Create your signup template with the tables and groups you need.
Three Add confirmation and reminder email messages to the signup.
Four Activate your template into as many signups as you want.
Fine Publish a link to the signup on your website, in emails, or have it automatically emailed to your group members.
Six Wait for everbody to sign up, they will get the automatic reminder emails you defined.


I really love The Signup Place! It helped me so much with my volunteer agility trial boards! Usually took me many hours to do it and with my sign up it only took me few hours to have all my volunteers on our 2 ring trials. It changed my life!! Merci beaucoup!

Marie-Michelle, Centre Professionnel Légitime Canin - Rougemont, Quebec

It is impossible to overstate what a life-changing difference this sign up software has made. This program is invaluable, and continues to evolve – the possibilities are endless. As the volunteer coordinator, I can focus on helping to the actual volunteering to run more smoothly rather than being overwhelmed by the nuts and bolts of getting people, by hand, into the slots they want.
I am the volunteer coordinator in the Origin story, who has stayed on since 2008 because of the online sign up software.

Lisa, More Dogz Volunteer Coordinator - Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I run dog agility events at my club, and having volunteers is a crucial part of their success. Doing a spreadsheet to coordinate everyone was a tedious process to say the least, and something I was totally responsible for. When there are 60+ spots to fill for one event it's a lot to coordinate. Using The Signup Place software made it possible for people to sign up for whatever positions they wanted to well in advance of the events so that it wasn't a last minute scramble. It made getting volunteers so much easier for everyone, and far more accurate!

Sue, Owner - Dogz Canine Sports Centre - Ottawa, Ontario

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